31 Days of Horror: PET SHOP OF HORRORS

31 Days of Horror: PET SHOP OF HORRORS

Source: Amazon

It’s been said that a pet can cheer you up whenever you’re feeling depressed or down. If you happen upon one of Count D’s pets from Pet Shop of Horrors, though, just make sure you don’t get too attached. Originally aired in March 1999, Pet Shop of Horrors is an anime miniseries based on the manga series by Matsuri Akino and animated by studio Madhouse. 15 years after the series release, the…

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HUMAN RESOURCES Kickstarter: A Demon-Robot Punchout RTS

HUMAN RESOURCES Kickstarter: A Demon-Robot Punchout RTS

Source: uberent.com

From the creative minds at Uber Entertainment that have brought us the frenetic fast-paced action of Super Monday Night Combat and the galaxy-conquesting sim, Planetary Annihilation, comes a new Kickstarter title that promises to push the boundaries of titanic punch outs between robots and monsters: Human Resources, a game that promises to meld the gameplay of Command and Conquerwith the titanic…

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31 Days of Horror: THE CONJURING

31 Days of Horror: THE CONJURING

Source: ComicVine

When you hear the name James Wan, you don’t think ‘psychological horror’–rather, wonderfully schlocky ‘gore porn’; a la the movie that introduced the director to horror junkies worldwide: SAW. Pleasantly surprising, The Conjuring demonstrates Wan’s skills and versatility as a director of scares.


Based off the personal accounts of famous paranormal researchers and demonologists Ed and…

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5 Times Superheroes Clashed With the Worlds of Horror

5 Times Superheroes Clashed With the Worlds of Horror

Source: iFanboy.com

Superheroes face all sorts of different enemies. Mobsters, alien invaders, and mad scientists have all been known to challenge our brightly clad good guys as much as any costumed villains. But the worlds in comic books are strange ones where genres that creators in other media are careful to keep separate blend and mix on a regular basis. A super-powered do-gooder is almost as likely to fend off…

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31 Days of Horror: WORLD WAR Z

31 Days of Horror: WORLD WAR Z

Source: MsMagazine.com

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is a seminal work within the zombie mythology. Max Brook’s 2006 novel took the apocalyptic scenario of a virulent zombie disease and examined it within a political and socioeconomic lens, using the format of oral post-war accounts of the environmental and social toll taken around the world.

The novel was certainly unique for its time and remains so…

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5 Cancelled Video Games That Will Be Dearly Missed

5 Cancelled Video Games That Will Be Dearly Missed

Source: IGN

Not every idea out there has a great plan to turn it into a reality. Such can be the case for several things, games included. Some great concepts are out there for games, but the ones here never saw the light of day and are stuck in cyberspace to never be seen again, or scripts to be found later to return to said game idea at any time. Sometimes the interest simply would not be there or the…

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31 Days of Horror: WILD ZERO

31 Days of Horror: WILD ZERO

Image: Scebiqu, Deviantart

It’s not often that a punk band makes a film past the ’70s, let alone a horror film. In their answer to a Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, Guitar Wolf set out to make one of the most bizarre and hilarious zombie films ever created: Wild Zero. In addition, there’s enough flaming mics, head explosions, ear-piercing guitar squeals, “baby, baby, baby” / “rock ‘n’ roll” belting, and constant…

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The 5 Biggest Announcements From New York Comic Con

The 5 Biggest Announcements From New York Comic Con

Source: ILikeComicsToo.com

In just eight years, New York Comic Conhas already become one of the biggest cons on the circuit, becoming just as vital for fandoms of all kinds to attend/pay attention to as much as Comic-Con International. Publishers and companies are noticing this, too, saving whatever big announcements or projects they didn’t announce in San Diego at NYCC. With the con officially wrapped up, these are the…

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